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I’m reading the Steve Jobs biography and remembering the digital music revolution.  It’ s been about 9 years since the launch of the  iTunes store, so there’s been time for digital music to mature some, and for a new generation to grow up with a new model for acquiring and listening to music.  I was interested to see how people get their music today.  Nielsen just released its first ever report on how people, both kids(13-17) and adults (18+),  listen to music.  The results…YouTube, Radio, and CDs are the most popular ways.  CDs!  I found the results really surprising and had to share.  Most of my peers use spotify or pandora.  I’m an iTunes guy.  The smart playlist function is amazing, and I like to own my music.  See the chart below for a full breakdown of listening preferences, or read more in this WSJ article.

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