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NetworkSound, an Innovance client, has recently launched a new product line, the Mamba digital snake. This is a very big step for the company, because it is the first NetworkSound branded product. NetworkSound is a technology focused company, that normally follows an OEM model, providing technology for the products of other companies (see

The product is a digital snake, a Cat-5 digital replacement for the bundle of analog cables, typically known as a snake (pictured below), that runs from a stage the the front of house mixer. Read the rest of this entry »

NetworkSound, an Innovance client, is a spinout of 3COM that designs and manufactures products for synchronized delivery of high quality digital audio, video and control data over a standard Cat-5 cable for the professional audio and video markets. Their technology enables audio/video networks, where media is piped, in real time, over the same Cat-5 ethernet cable that connects computer networks.

Their first product is the core component of this newly launched digital guitar. The guitar combines a classic Gibson Les Paul with a revolutionary digital output. Read the rest of this entry »