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Partnering with Russ Bown of ipXpress, I have been working with international technology management organizations, helping them move beyond a regional or national focus, and establish collaborations with international commercial development partners.

I have helped Russ expand ipXpress’ business to South America, and will be working with two new clients there: NEOS in Santiago, Chile, and Inova Unicamp in Campinas, Brazil

NEOS – Pioneering Tech Transfer in Chile
Technology transfer is extremely new in Chile, and NEOS is the country’s leading tech transfer organization. It is rare for Chilean universities to have their own office of technology licensing (OTL), and NEOS generally acts as a national OTL, working directly with inventors at several different research institutions. Read the rest of this entry »

Innovance client, StrataGent Life Sciences has just closed a $16M round of funding. I’ve been involved with this company since my Stanford days, and am really thrilled to be able to help them develop and find success.

Congratulations StrataGent!

A new startup, MusicianLink, is poised to bring a revolutionary new service to the millions of people around the world who play a musical instrument. MusicianLink’s low latency internet music collaboration system will be the first commercial solution to enable real-time musical interaction over a standard broadband internet connection. Musicians will be able to plug a standard instrument into their computer, find other musicians around the world, and jam together in real-time with the end result sounding like they were all in the same room.

MusicianLink’s technology is based on research done at Stanford by Professor Chris Chafe, the director of Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) and Co-Founder of MusicianLink. Read the rest of this entry »

NetworkSound, an Innovance client, has recently launched a new product line, the Mamba digital snake. This is a very big step for the company, because it is the first NetworkSound branded product. NetworkSound is a technology focused company, that normally follows an OEM model, providing technology for the products of other companies (see

The product is a digital snake, a Cat-5 digital replacement for the bundle of analog cables, typically known as a snake (pictured below), that runs from a stage the the front of house mixer. Read the rest of this entry »

NetworkSound, an Innovance client, is a spinout of 3COM that designs and manufactures products for synchronized delivery of high quality digital audio, video and control data over a standard Cat-5 cable for the professional audio and video markets. Their technology enables audio/video networks, where media is piped, in real time, over the same Cat-5 ethernet cable that connects computer networks.

Their first product is the core component of this newly launched digital guitar. The guitar combines a classic Gibson Les Paul with a revolutionary digital output. Read the rest of this entry »

Innovance has begun working with a company called StrataGent life sciences. StrataGent is developing a needle-free device that painlessly delivers drug with an onset comparable to injection. The company’s core technology is a pulsed liquid microjet that was invented at Stanford University. Their device works by creating a small, high pressure jet of liquid that penetrates the outer layer of the skin and precisely deposits drugs into the epidermis (the top layer of skin), enabling rapid absorption by the body, while avoiding the pain receptors that lie below in the dermis. The device can be used to deliver injectable drugs without requiring a change in formulation

I will be helping drive the company’s strategy by identifying which markets to apply the technology to, evaluating competitive threats and clarifying the regulatory and reimbursement path.

To read more about the device visit: