New Technology Transfer Clients in South America

Partnering with Russ Bown of ipXpress, I have been working with international technology management organizations, helping them move beyond a regional or national focus, and establish collaborations with international commercial development partners.

I have helped Russ expand ipXpress’ business to South America, and will be working with two new clients there: NEOS in Santiago, Chile, and Inova Unicamp in Campinas, Brazil

NEOS – Pioneering Tech Transfer in Chile
Technology transfer is extremely new in Chile, and NEOS is the country’s leading tech transfer organization. It is rare for Chilean universities to have their own office of technology licensing (OTL), and NEOS generally acts as a national OTL, working directly with inventors at several different research institutions. NEOS has set its sights on becoming the leading technology transfer organization in South America, and I will be working with them to help target international commercialization partners for their portfolio of technologies.

Unicamp – Success With a Nontraditional Model
Inova Unicamp is the OTL for The State University of Campinas, a leading research university in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Inova has established a very successful technology licensing program, and is the leading university patent holder in South America. Serving a large research university, Inova manages technologies in a wide variety of technical areas, but has a particular strength in Chemistry and Agribusiness.

While most OTLs market their technologies in an active “push” manner, triaging technologies, and proactively seeking industrial partners for the best candidates, Inova operates under a unique “pull” model. Inova files a Brazilian patent application for every technology that is disclosed. Companies contact Inova with a technology need, and are provided with a portfolio of active, related technologies. When a match is made, a contract is negotiated and patent protection is normally expanded. If no interest is shown for a technology, the Brazilian patent is allowed to go abandoned. Inova’s large volume of new technology disclosures is necessary for this unique model to work, and they have had significant success with it; 270 new contracts have been signed in the last three years.

I will be helping expand Inova’s international outreach by keeping them abreast of commercial technology needs, and match-making available technologies with industry.

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